We have a great range of products to pay for your taxi.

Personalised Cards

The perfect product for the frequent traveller, TaxiCharge personalised cards allows the user to travel across the country as and when required. Cards are personalised to the cardholder and show their account name and card number.

As personalised cards can only be used for taxi travel they benefit from TaxiCharge’s advanced trip reporting. We provide cardholder name, cost centre, time of travel, pick up and drop off points and the charge.


Voucher cards truly give you the ability to control your taxi spend. Voucher Cards allow the user to put a number of parameters on the card which determine how the passenger can use the card. By pre-setting criteria, you can determine how and when the card can be used. As the card must be set up before use this ensures the card can only be used as intended.

Voucher cards offer great security and flexibility along with advanced TaxiCharge trip reporting. Voucher cards can also be reset, re-used or cancelled as required.

Gift Cards

Found at ePay Gift Stations within your local supermarket or convenience store, Gift Cards allow you to purchase taxi travel for your family and friends.

Gift Cards can be set to any value, and they can be used with any TaxiCharge Partner throughout New Zealand.

Gift cards can also be purchased at www.giftstation.co.nz

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